Week 8 / Final

Here is my final CV that I’m happy with.


(Not all pages shown)

Full design of CV:

CV Final-01CV Final-02CV Final-03CV Final-04CV Final-05CV Final-06CV Final-07CV Final-08CV Final-09CV Final-10CV Final-11CV Final-12


The value I worked with is Ambition and my goal is Success. The typography in my CV needed to express these. Ambition was used with grunge/handwriting to express hard work, energy, determination and give a sense of personality. To express the success, gold type was used but also it needed to be clean and bold, to show elegance. To compliment the type alot of space was used in the layout, to help isolate and give it the spotlight. With success comes importance and power, title pages had widely tracked, serif type to express that the topic is powerfull and important.

You cant reach success without the struggle and throughout the CV, both grunge and elegance are used to show both sides of the journey and not just the glamour that is associated with success. I used contrast bewteen tyfaces and drop caps to show this.The structure is unstructured. Although the success-expressed pages (white) does have a structure to maintain the elegance, the ambition, grunge pages (black) intermittently are used to unpredictably break that structure and bring energy.A book is seen as important and has a lot of content and I chose a book format to show that.The company I chose is G Unit Records and their primary genre of music is Rap/Hip-Hop and grunge  works well to portray rap. My design style of dramatic, contrasted grunge fits perfect with them and this CV demonstrated that style throughout.


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