Week 4 / Proposal

I have chosen the company that I will aim my CV towards, G Unit Records. The design field that I focus on is album artwork, I have worked with G Unit already, making artwork for their music but I want to work with them as a career.

To showcase my skills and inititive I have developed a venture and I suggest that a G Unit Records Lookbook is developed. The lookbook would provide a visual insight into the reign of G Unit through photography. The narrative would tell the nuts & bults of what went on behind projects, from recording sessions, album artwork to music videos.



Take the viewer behind the scenes to really show them what went on through the development of G Unit. To give insight into the ups and downs  to create a powerful and immersive experience to the viewer.

Target Market

The long term fans, the day 1’s. A fan thrieves for all they can get regarding their favourite artist. The lookbook would be facinating and immersive for them.


The Making of projects. Album artwork development, other possible artwork concepts, lyric sheets of songs  and unreleased songs., music video storyboards, personal lifestyle., staff, ventures (video games, cologne, .etc)


Never before seen photography. We want the photographys to tell the story, not words. Lettering would be used but very limited.


Physical books and digital website. The website would bring interactivity and the capabilities to include footage & audio to further immerse the viewer.


To give back to the fan for the everlasting support. It’s an oppurtunity to get personal and share stories that are ready to be told. It’s an oppurtunity to profit.


To not damage the legacy, to not convey an “ending”




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