Week 8 / Final

Here is my final CV that I’m happy with.


(Not all pages shown)

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Week 7 / Developments

I made possible covers for the booklet. I explored with landscape, portrait & square (like an album booklet). I settled on the A4 landscape like book as a book is seen as important and has a lot of content and I chose a book format to show that.

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Week 4 / Proposal

I have chosen the company that I will aim my CV towards, G Unit Records. The design field that I focus on is album artwork, I have worked with G Unit already, making artwork for their music but I want to work with them as a career.

To showcase my skills and inititive I have developed a venture and I suggest that a G Unit Records Lookbook is developed. The lookbook would provide a visual insight into the reign of G Unit through photography. The narrative would tell the nuts & bults of what went on behind projects, from recording sessions, album artwork to music videos.

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