Final Poster

I made various iterations of my chosen poster design to develop it to its final stage.




Final poster:


Here is my final poster. The concept is to show the journey or work involved in when being successful. I dont think people look at the work being put into making dreams happen, that they just see the end result so the poster is split into too to tell that story. The majority poster is dark and grungy to express the hard work and effort that people dont seem to realise but as that ends the poster becomes clean and bright to show the end goal, the success.

I want to work in the music industry creating album artwork as a career, the body text says how I got to allready create some album artwork for big hip-hop artists, that was a success for me that didnt happen overnight and I’m still working toward my dream job, working in the industry. Because album covers is what I make, the words from my statement (besides “Successful”) were taken from various different hip-hop album covers to tie into my area of work.


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